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Anonymous asked: do you feel uncomfortable in the light then?

I’m just not my own body’s biggest fan, idk.

Anonymous asked: why in the dark? dont you wanna see your gfs O face?

Ofc, but I hate myself a little bit? Idk. Just because I prefer it dark doesn’t mean shit, me and my girl pork at all times of the day. Not sorry.

Anonymous asked: 'again'? And what wit, the idea that if it's not real sex you wouldn't have a 'reputation' for having a lot of sex?

My first answer was witty af, you ruined it with your needless analysis. Fight me.

Anonymous asked: do you prefer sex in the dark or with the light on

Dark all day erry day. 

Anonymous asked: no one's thinking about reputations

My wit is, yet again, lost on you.

Anonymous asked: 30+?

I’m not answering this question :’)

Anonymous asked: Your girlfriends hot

Yeah she is! She is a really hot lesbian.

Anonymous asked: regain your reputation, what?

Redeem* As in if; if you don’t class lesbian sex as real sex, does that mean my reputation is non-existent?

Anonymous asked: how many people have you slept with?

Too many.